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How to Steam Your 5”
Gauge LMS Jubilee Class


LMS Jubilee Class

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Mike Pavie at the controls.
5" Gauge 14xx in action
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How to Steam
Your 14xx
Instructional Video

How to Steam Your 14xx

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Models offered by Silver Crest Models Limited.

You will find listed below models that are offered for sale directly by Silver Crest Models Limited. These have been inspected and are generally supported by a new 12 month warranty.

Silver Crest is the vendor and principal. Contact us directly to make an offer.





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Models for private sale by customers.

You will find below models that are offered for sale on behalf of customers. Silver Crest Models is not involved in the sale and does not act as agent for the vendor. Any contract will be made between you and the vendor. In the absence of the vendor's contact details please contact Silver Crest Models and we will pass on your details. Please satisfy yourself as to the bona fides of the vendor. Silver Crest Models Limited accepts no responsibility for the satisfactory execution of any agreement made between buyer, or seller.


Ref: 021 Gauge 3 Streamlined LMS Coronation 6221 Queen Elizabeth in Blue/Silver livery.

Mint and un-steamed. £4,500.00.

Complete with original boiler shell test certificate and new 12 month Silver Crest backed Warranty.

Ref:013 G3 (2.5" gauge) Britannia Class "Iron Duke".

Coal-fired. Mint. Test steamed only. Offers invited.
Ref: 014 G3 (2.5" gauge) 14xx. Lightly run good performer.

Gas-fired. BR lined green Offers invited.
Ref:016 5" Gauge LMS Jubilee "Galatea"
Crimson Lake livery) mint and un-steamed. Available due to serious illness.
Bargain at £9,995.00.

Ref: 019 G3 14xx Class
(BR lined green) V. Good condition


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